I may be down, but I look up to the stars

I’m stressed and overstrained.
My life exhausts me and I feel like collapsing very soon.
Had a mental breakdown after only two weeks of university.
How am I going to survive four years?!
I feel so incapable of the things I demand from myself.
How could I think I could be a student,
when even checking timetables
and taking trains
and printing stuff
and searching rooms
and buying books is too much for me?!
I feel like I run on empty.
Nothing works.
Cutting pressure is so high,
but no one seems to notice it.

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8 thoughts on “I may be down, but I look up to the stars

  1. frankdiluzio says:

    Don’t let the college experience bring you down =(. It’s ALWAYS tough at first. Once you plan out and organize your classes and when to get the work done, you’ll be great =).
    Be happy,

  2. There’s a lot going in your life right now. Expect to have moments where it seems a bit too much. Just be prepared to feel completely unprepared. The trick is knowing that you’re not the only one feeling that way. If the cost of books are to much money for you to buy. Most books you can borrow from the library, at the college.

    • JulieKay says:

      Thank you.
      I hope that it will soon all be better.
      I really enjoy learing. I always want to learn something.
      But there are many things that make it hard for me as I am not very self-sonsistant. Things frighten me and then I’m like paralysed.

  3. rapture84 says:

    You’ll get used to it, don’t worry so much.

  4. The moment you let someone judge who you are, is the moment you have lost your happiness to someone else. Don’t let other people tell you who you are. This is your life, not theirs. Reduce some of your class load, that may help…..

  5. pmoyo says:

    I get overwhelmed with school too, especially this semester. Key is to take each day at a time and try to do things well ahead of time to avoid the stress. Best wishes!

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