Dear Love

If I could forget, then I could let you go.
But I remember each detail of each day we shared.
I remember your words as if I recorded them,
to listen to them every night before I fall asleep.

On my mind I can see you standing there,
at the trainstation, at our meetingpoint.
I remember the clothes you wore,
and the ones I wore and how you liked them.

I can recall the smell of your hair
and the warmth of your hug
and the colour of your eyes
and the sound of your voice.

If I could forget, then I could let you go.
But I hold the memories like a treasure.
And with them I hold the pain.

What if we never met again?
Just in case I would be happy
to remember all the details.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Love

  1. frankdiluzio says:

    Amazing poem! Very well written and I can relate to it. I’ve felt the same exact feelings about people. I love it =)

  2. susanbahr says:

    Beautiful and heartfelt, a post worth reading.

  3. silvercrusader says:

    “What do you leave me with, but memories oh love,
    Why did you give me the beauty that neither you nor me ever deserved,
    Alone I stand on the same road where you left me,
    No way seems to take me home”

    Awesome piece, connects amazing 😀 😀 !

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