Lonely like a satellite

I’m watching people pass.
I can hear them talking.
I can smell their breaths.
But I can’t reach out for them.

We’re looking up at the same sky,the same stars.
We feel the same cold this night.

But I’m lonely.
I feel like caught behind a pane.
I can’t break the glass.
They don’t apologise when they jostle me.
I’m invisible. The world forgot me.

That’s part of my illness. Feeling disconnected between all the people that love you.
They can’t help you. You feel worthless. Like all your friends must descend themselves to be with you.
I want out of this!

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2 thoughts on “Lonely like a satellite

  1. When we struggle with mental illness we appreciate the stability that might come and go, or live with us permanently once we recover.

    Because of this, we understand that life will probably never be as bad as it once was. Maybe it ruined our lives for a period of time, but we got better, and better feels good!

    We are probably motivated to try new things; things we could not do when ill. Maybe they are little things, perhaps large, but they make us smile nonetheless.

    You are a humbled person. This is similar to empathy but is related more to our inner psyche.

    When mental illness is left untreated it can destroy our lives. But not forever. The worst parts, the parts where it feel as if it is ruined and we will not ever become well, that is when we pick ourselves back up. That is when we recover from mental illness and claim our lives again.

    Live life again. You can turn back time and feel like yourself once more.

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