She’s still my mum

We had so many discussions and argument (worst one just a few hours ago).
My bpd ruined our good relationship.
Yesterday I took her to the city (she can’t dirve).
She had good mood and me too, so everything was fine with us.
Two girls (aboub 17 years old, I think) laughed about her, when we passed them.
I saw them grin and whisper. They made fun of her.
I couldn’t help myself. She’s still my mum.
She doesn’t deserve this.

My mum is disabled.
She has polio and can’t walk properly.
She hobbles and limps and the shoes she must wear are clumsy.

At first I just gave them an angry look but then I turned to them.
I feel embarrassing afterwards but I asked them what was so funny.
When they said nothing I became so angry.
I told them that they know nothing about a life within the borders of an illness.
Nothing about the limitations and problems she has.
That they could be happy to look perfectly good.
But it was nature that gave them their appearance and it’s just luck which chances one has.

I am so ashamed now but I know it was right.

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4 thoughts on “She’s still my mum

  1. You did the right thing, they are lucky you did not knock them out. It is absolutely essential that you protect your mom. The heart and soul of the matter is that you reached deep into your soul and said I ain’t taking this bullshit, and I am proud of you for that and I am sure your mom is too. For every evil person under the Sun, there is a remedy of karma.

  2. JulieKay says:

    Thank you so much. I really can’t understand why people nowadays still laugh about such things. I know the two girls form school and they are exactly that kind of person who see themselves as empathetic and clever. Can’t believe it.

  3. Don’t let bullies ever get the best of you. Remember you, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! WE WILL NOT BE MARGINALIZED! WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!

  4. susanbahr says:

    Love that you felt so protective – how many of us would do the same thing? Maybe you feel it was wrong to lash out- but then again, maybe they learned an important lesson. Let’s hope so…

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